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Project: Opulent

Type: Resale 4 Room BTO

Location: Whampo

Floor area: 93sqm

Opulence extends beyond visual aesthetics. It encompasses a holistic approach to design, taking into consideration comfort, functionality, and the over experiece of the inhabitants.

One notable feature that contributed to this opulent ambiance was the longer wall of cabinets in the living room. Its presence instantly added a touch of lavishness to the space. The chosen colors created a sense of nature and a semi-cave-like atmosphere.


They struck a balance between strong and soft tones, complementing the theme and adding depth to the design. To deviate from the standard sofa layout, a more lifestyle-oriented design was chosen, catering specifically to a bachelor's lifestyle. The color palette for the entire house was carefully selected to align with the project name and enhance the opulent theme

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