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Project: 聚

Type: Resale 2 Bedroom Condominium

Location: The Lenox

Floor area: 70sqm

汉字,读作jù。在篆文中是形声字,三人并立(㐺 yín)为形,取为声。聚的本意指会集,特指人的聚集。做名词时指人聚居的村落( 聚落 )。


English Definition: to congregate; to assemble; to mass; to gather together; to amass; to polymerize


The concept was derived based on the natural instinct of humans to congregate and socialize on a daily basis. Spaces were crafted to enable communication between different zones.


Sources of light were strategically introduced to living spaces and corridor areas, which are often void of natural light due to divider walls. Demolition of specific walls enabled natural light interaction resulting in a calming effect for its occupants.


A pavilion (亭) was introduced into the space to further emphasize the importance of socializing while allowing guests to have a sleepover when required. Additional storage options are enabled with a raised platform.

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