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Project: Starlight

Type: New 2 Bedroom Condominium

Location: Riverfront Residences

Floor area: 68sqm

The concept of starlight is also intertwined with romantic notions, often associated with the wishes and desires, as people gaze up at the stars and make wishes upon them.

At the entrance of this enchanting abode lies a harmonious blend of a welcoming foyer and a functional kitchen. The design incorporates a brilliant feature - a movable table that effortlessly adapts, creating additional space whenever required. The kitchen seamlessly extends towards the living room, providing ample counter space for the homeowner's convenience.

To achieve the desired dreamy and tidy aesthetic, the door frame is elegantly replaced with a minimalist alternative, adding to the overall charm. Every area is thoughtfully planned, ensuring an open and practical layout, complemented by tasteful design elements.

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