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Project: Ragnarøkkr

Type: New 2 Bedroom+Study Condominium

Location: Stirling Residences

Floor area: 75sqm

The concept behind Ragnarøkkr is to create a secluded and peaceful environment, a sanctuary where one can escape the stress and turmoil of daily life and recharge their mind and spirit. The aim is to provide a place for rejuvenation and renewal and to prepare for the challenges ahead. The name Ragnarøkkr refers to the Norse myth of Ragnarok, the end of the world, and implies that this enclave is a haven from the chaos of the outside world.

The use of light veneer joinery and a cool colour palette in the decor enhance the space's relaxed and calming ambience. The lime-washed backdrop adds a touch of warmth and creates a soothing atmosphere, epitomizing the concept of slow living.

Ambient lighting adds to the overal atmosphere of the space, creating the perfect ambiance for winding down after a long day. By setting a calming and relaxing tone, ambient lighting helps to create a peaceful and restful environment, ideal for unwinding and de-stressing. The use of soft, warm lighting enhances the overa l feel of the space and contributes to the sense of comfort and relaxation

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